The objective of Kilbirnie Connections is to further the knowledge of the Logans of Kilbirnie and related families and publish the results of my research and that of others who establish links to the Kilbirnie Logan families on this web site.  This is done in the hope that it will help others in their research and ultimately provide us with more connections and fill the gaps in our research.  To this end my offer is to publish on this site any lines which have a proven link to the Kilbirnie families published on this web site.  Obviously this will continue to grow as more families are added, however the more people we have the better the chances of making a connection.

I hope what you find here will further your research and that this may ultimately lead to your contribution of a connection to Kilbirnie Connections.

This original group of Kilbirnie families comes from the documents created by William Logan circa 1855 and provided on the link below.  I have verified these documents with the original parish registers and other documents and subsequently added a number of lines from other researchers including links into Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.  This study now has over 2000 people in it and besides Logan includes other names such as Allan, Aitkin, Barclay, Craig, Houston, Knox, Lang, Law, Orr, Peebles and Walker (to name only a few).

A new avenue of research in genealogy is the use of DNA profiling.  As part of this research I have joined the Logan DNA study which is attempting to link Logan families worldwide using DNA signatures where there is limited or no paper trail..  More details are to be found on the link below.

Please browse through the links below and see if you have any Kilbirnie Connections.

People who have Kilbirnie Connections are indicated by the Scottish flag Scotland flag