Welcome to My Family Lines

When I started my genealogical journey in 1993 my thoughts were to trace back all of my lines to where they entered Australia and then find all of the descendents of those immigrants and the few convict ancestors I discovered in Australia.  In the many years hence I have not yet completed that task but have in the mean time discovered many ancestors beyond the Australian shores and in the process made contact with many "cousins" and made many wonderful contacts worldwide.

Under the Family Lines tab you will find links to pages for each of the family lines I am researching.  Each page has a summary of the key points for the family as well as links to photgraphs, descendancy charts and a family specific surname index.

Current lines lincluded are

Paternal Lines Heijbroek / Heybrock Paternal Grandfather
  Brown Paternal Grandmother
Maternal Lines Logan Maternal Grandfather
  Prosser Maternal Grandmother
  Smith Colateral Logan line

Other Lines yet to publish - Clarke, Wood, Phillips, Cort, Entwistle, McBrien

Of particular note is the Kilbirnie Connections tab which is a significant documentation of the Logan line from Kilbirnie and the many related families and their descendants to Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand & England.  Major families include Allan, Barclay, Craig, Houston, Knox, Lang, Law, Orr, Peebles and Walker.  There are a number of researchers who have contributed to this area of study which continues to expand both within Kilbirnie and worldwide.  As part of this research I have joined the Logan DNA study which is attempting to link Logan families worldwide using DNA signatures where there is limited or no paper trail.

The All Surnames Index is a list of all of the surnames on this site and the All Pictures page has a galley of all the photgraphs on the site.  Please enjoy these pages and I hope you find something you didn't know that will be of use to you.

In the continuing spirit of sharing and building on the collective knowledge of my ancestors and the many connected families, My Family Lines documents the current state of much of my research.  As with all genealogical research it represents my current knowledge and as such will contain errors and omissions which will be corrected over time through further research and information obtained from other genealogists and family members.  The sources for all information are provided to enable verification and you can further assist the accuracy of this site by contacting me by clicking on my name below when you find mistakes in these pages and sharing any new information on any of the families. You are free to use the information on this site in the knowledge of the above, however I would appreciate acknowledgement by citing this site as the source of the information.

The site is constructed using John Cardinal's Second Site based on data held in The Master Genealogist - a marvelous combination of applications without which this site would not be possible.


Mike Kirke
Western Australia