Logan DNA Study

The Logan DNA Study project grew out of the "Pre 1800 Logans" email list on Yahoo as another tool to help members make the connections between families (mainly in North America) and the originas of those families back to Scotland and Ireland. 

Stephanie Falls created the list to discuss the "older" lines of the Logan surname as 1800 is a common place to hit brick walls in North America.  The objectives of the list are to identify and document the Logan lines known at 1800 with the purpose of shortening the work for other researchers using a process of elimination. This is a very active forum with over 400 members and operates on Yahoo Forums.  The archives are open to the public. Files of family profiles, census abstracts, and various kinds of reports are available to members.

The Logan DNA study was established by Don Logan at Family Tree DNA and the project is now administered by Jim Logan. Questions should be addressed to him at jjlnv@comcast.net.
All discussion associated with this project are conducted through the Yahoo Forum . Family profiles, Logan Census abstracts, DNA Relationship charts, etc. are all available in the file section of that web site.  The study homepage can be accesses at the Logan DNA Project Homepage.

My Kilbirnie Logan line is documented under ID# 1066_John and is in cluster / limb #5 and also on Ysearch under ID H4AAD.  Currently there are no exact matches for the 37 marker test of my uncle that I have submitted for the male Logan line, althought there are a number of -2 matches with both Logan and non Logan surnames. 

This is an interesting and developing line of study for genealogy, especially when paper documents are hard to obtain, or there is uncertainty in the current documentation.  If you are interested in participating in this study contact me or the study group direct.