Favourite Links & Useful Data

The following sites are ones that I have found to be useful in my research. I have grouped them by country with the name of the lines being researched if appropriate. A section of links to useful data is included at the end.


Other Researchers of My Family Lines

McBrien - Ross Beatie's page on the McBrien's in Fermanagh, Australia & Canada.  Allot of detail information.  Includes my line of Carson & Mary McBrien (#1.2) and links to information on Fermanagh


General Country & Area Websites

The AYRSHIRE Page - "Devoted to the research of Scottish ancestry, especially that of AYR" - contains many useful links to Ayrshire family data and related research sites.

Ayrshire Scotland Genealogy - "A ScotlandGenWeb Project site" - also contains many useful links for Ayrshire research.  Join up to the AYRSHIRE MAIL LIST via this site

British India - Australian Institute of Genealogy Studies site for information and other links to help you track down you British and European ancestors if they lived in India

FIBIS - Families in British India Society  


 My Genealogy Program and associated sites 

Wholly Genes, Inc - Home page of the publishers of TMG.

TMG Tips - a site maintained by Lee Hoffman who is one of the prime sources of how to best use TMG

Second Site - The home of John Cardinal's amazing web site creation application for TMG users

Terry's Second Site Tips - Terry Reigel's site on how to best use Second Site

 Logan DNA Project

Logan DNA Project - Home page of the Logan DNA Project


 General Genealogy Pages

Cyndi's List of Genealogy sites on the Internet - The best list of sites

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit - Heaps of great advice and links for creating your own website