William Logan1

M, #478, b. 11 March 1821
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  • Note: William Logan Dalry Burns Club website http://home.clara.net/douglaswmartin/index.htm.
  • Christening*: He was christened on 11 March 1821 at Kilbirnie Parish, Ayr, Scotland, .2
  • Marriage*: He married Margaret Law, daughter of John Law and Margaret Logan, on 7 February 1845 at Kilbirnie Parish, Ayr, Scotland, .3,4
  • Occupation*: William Logan was a parish domine (schoolmaster) then a cashier to Messers W & J Knox of Kilbirnie.5
  • Memo*: William compiled the "Genealogy of the Knoxes of Kilbirnie" in 1855 which was printed at James McKie's Establishmnet in Kilmarnock in 1855. On the inside page the following was inscribe in handwriting "This volume is presented as a Bequest, or a Cuddaich to Miss Jeanie Knox, by William Logan, on the 11th March, 1856."6
  • Note*: He was the author of 'Genealogy of the Logan's of Kilburnie'. in 1856.1

Family: Margaret Law b. 14 July 1822


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