Stanley Robert Logan1

M, #269, b. 21 February 1880, d. 26 January 1953
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Stanley Robert LOGAN aged 28
  • Photo*: Stanley Robert Logan was photo Photocopied photo of Stan aged 39 in file #263.
  • Note: Stanley was 13 when his farther moved to Wilson in 1893 and he took over his father's farm when William died in 1925. All Stan and Francis's children attended the Wilson School. Farming was carried on with many disappointments until 1949. Often feed was scarce for stock, and the horses, so esential in working the farm had to be taken elsewhere by a drover or sent by rail for paddocking. As there were no wells or bores on the property, water was stored in dams and much time and labour went into cleaning them out with horse team and scoop. In the better seasons dam water was used to maintain a vegetable garden. After the sale of the property Stan and Francsis went to live in North Quorn S.A.2
  • Birth*: He was born on 21 February 1880 at Gladstone, South Australia, .1,3
  • Marriage*: He married Frances Eva Patterson on 18 March 1908 at Methodist Church, Wilson, South Australia.1,2
  • Death*: Stanley Robert Logan died on 26 January 1953 at North Quorn, South Australia, at age 72.1,2

Family: Frances Eva Patterson b. 3 August 1882, d. 19 February 1962


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