Leslie Arthur Logan1

M, #92, b. 28 January 1908, d. 15 December 2000
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  • Birth*: Leslie Arthur Logan was born on 28 January 1908 at Geraldton, Western Australia.1
  • Note*: Leslie worked for the Geraldton Harbour Works for 3 years, the family business for 2 years, then took over the Northampton farming property for 19 years. This period included 2 years in the Garrison Battalion 1942 - 44. He entered Parliament in the Legislative Council in April 3rd 1947 as a member of the Country Party. He served 12 years as a Minister holding the portfolios of Local Government, Town Planning and Child Welfare. Leslie retired from Parliament on 21st May 1974 and was awarded the Order of Australia, A.M. in 1980.2
  • Marriage*: He married Edgarina Pearl Bond, daughter of Edgar Thomas Bond and Mary Ann Bonser, on 10 June 1931 at Walkaway, Western Australia.1
  • Death*: Leslie Arthur Logan died on 15 December 2000 at Geraldton, Western Australia, at age 92.3


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