Willem Cornelis Heijbroek

M, #183, b. 16 July 1905, d. 18 February 1956
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  • Occupation*: Willem Cornelis Heijbroek was a Bank Director.
  • Birth*: He was born on 16 July 1905 at Amsterdam, Holland.
  • Marriage*: He married Hazel Mabel Brown, daughter of Walter Hugh Brown and Kathleen Teresa Cochrane, in December 1929 at Cheribon, Batavia (Java).
  • Divorce*: Willem Cornelis Heijbroek and Hazel Mabel Brown were divorced in 1938.
  • Residence*: Willem Cornelis Heijbroek resided normally at 64 De Lairesse Straat, Amsterdam, Holland, at the time of his marriage to Johanna Van Dam 14 June 1946.1
  • Occupation: He was a Major in the Royal Netherlands Indies Army Reserve on 14 June 1946.1
  • Marriage*: He married Cornelia Willemia de-Valk on 17 March 1952 at Djakarta, Indonesia.
  • Death*: Willem Cornelis Heijbroek died on 18 February 1956 at Zandvoort, Holland, at age 50.


  1. [S182] Copy marriage certificate of Willem Cornelis Heijbroek and Johanna Elisabeth Van Dam, 14 June 1946 "unknown cd."